• August 19, 2016
  • Jim
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How to Make Money Online

How can I make money online? This is a question we all ask ourselves; we hear stories of others making millions and ask, why can’t that be me? So we find that we fall into many scams, using and losing our own money. Whenever you decide that you want to make money online, you must keep at the back of your mind that you probably wouldn’t become a millionaire from it, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t earn some extra cash!

Making money online ranges from selling products to selling your skills and talents. If you have a skill, you should sit down and think about how you can market and sell it. There are many sites out there which facilitate you selling your skills, sites like ‘fiverr and upwork,’ all allow you to market yourself to an interested customer base. If you are great at photography, you can sell your photographs to places like ‘shutterstock and photolia,’ making money every time your photo is downloaded.

Some of us out there are very creative, we can literally make anything and many of our family and friends often compliment us on our beautiful creations. Why not share it with the entire world? Let’s say that you knit the cutest coats for you kids; guess what? People across the world may love them, why not sell to them? You can open an ‘Etsy’ store and sell your creations to those persons who are looking for more hand-made products. Opening your ‘Etsy’ store is simple, just a few quicks steps and you are ready to start making some money!

Not all of us are creative, we can’t all knit or carve wood or do anything remotely ‘crafty,’ but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make money selling products online. Many people have had success retailing products on sites like ‘Ebay and Shopify.’ Of course you can also sell your handmade items on these sites as well, but you can also purchase the items to be sold from a wholesaler.  These sites make it very easy to do this, you don’t need any prior experience to begin making money online using this method!

How to Make Money Online

Another great way to make some money, is by writing and self-publishing a book. Have you ever thought that there was a great story in your head that needed to be told? You should tell it! Many people are having success by publishing their own words online on sites like ‘Amazon-Kindle, Lulu, Amazon-CreateSpace,’ and many more. Maybe this avenue is for you.

One last great way to earn some serious money online, is to create a course. What is it that you are an expert on? Can you bake a cake, do you know how to tile a floor? People all around the world are looking for ways to do things themselves and are willing to pay to learn how. Sites like ‘Udemy,’ facilitates the entire process, making it simple and available to millions of potential buyers. Of course, you don’t have to use sites like this to make money selling your course, you can always market it yourself!
There are many ways to make money online, you may not become an internet millionaire, but you can make a handsome amount of extra cash that can increase your standard of living.

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