• August 30, 2016
  • Jim
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How to Write a Great SEO Article

Search engine optimization or more commonly SEO is a term that is very widely and very often used. Though we know that it is an important marketing tool, many of us have no idea what it means and find ourselves ‘googling’ the term to find out. Sometimes, when we do find out, we are still at a loss of how it should be done properly. For those attempting to create great SEO’s without the help of an expert, here are a few tips that will inform you of what NOT to do.

Many think that the bigger the fishing net, the more fish you will catch. While this is true for fish, it isn’t true for articles. Search engines like ‘Google’ value quality as opposed to quantity. So publishing articles week after week, may serve to decrease your rating as opposed to increasing it, which is not what you want. Therefore, it is best to take some time between articles to research the next one and make it meaningful and also to promote your product or service. While producing articles is an important tool to capture the interest of customers, overuse of them could prove to be damaging.

In doing your research about how to write a well SEO article, you would have come across the term ‘long tailed keyword.’ While this is a method that was used in earlier times and was very successful, it isn’t anymore. Google’s constant updates, causes us to continue updating our styles as well. With their emphasis on quality, many old tricks and hacks have become useless. Therefore using a long tailed keyword like ‘how to grow your hair in ten days,’ and ‘how to grow your nails in ten days,’ are all seen as the same to Google. Before you were able to ride on the coattails of your keywords, but this is not the case anymore, you have to be completely unique every time.

Feeling the need to have ‘natural links’ is another mistake that many believe is important to have when writing a good SEO article. But what exactly is a natural link? This occurs when website owners and bloggers find your information useful and links to it. Honestly, who can wait on that to happen? It is in your best interest to create your own links, create your own posts which promotes your product or service and generate the buzz that you want.

One final mistake that we all tend to make is getting someone to do the job for us, if it seems that we can’t do it ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but what you should look out for, are those pretending to be experts who are not! Therefore, it is best to research your potential expert before you hire them. Some of the people who offer SEO solutions which are cheap and aggressive are only in it to make money for themselves. They do not care about you, or your business, which means that providing you with a quality service is not at the top of their list.

Good articles must be meaningful, rational and have a good flow. It is true that your keywords should be inserted somewhere within the article, but not in a way that it sounds out of place. With these cheap SEO solutions, many of the keywords are just stuffed in the article, they are placed haphazardly within it, making it read as though it isn’t logical. Who would want to read that? Who would take it seriously? Therefore, beware of experts who practice these kinds of practices.

Creating a great SEO article isn’t as difficult as it seems. Just think of all the things that you shouldn’t do and do the opposite. Before you know it, you will be a skilled writer.