• August 30, 2016
  • Jim
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Using Articles as a Marketing Tool

An excellent way to provide information to your prospective clients is to create articles that are both interesting and informative. A well written article can go a long way when it comes to potential clients. You would be surprised at the importance of coming across as an expert; when customers believe that you are knowledgeable about your products, they begin to trust your advice and by extension they trust you. Therefore great informative articles, can be used as a key marketing tool!

When writing an article, ensure that it directly relates to your keywords, your links and obviously that it has something to do with what you are selling. For instance, if you are selling shoes, it wouldn’t make sense to write an article about the importance of good eye care! The article and the products that you sell, must be related, therefore, an article about proper podiatric care may be of more value. It will certainly lend itself better to the insertion of keywords such as shoes and links back to your site, without making the article lose its flow.

You should take the time to come up with a great title. The title of your article is the very first thing that customer will see. Therefore, it should be trendy and attention grabbing, you want them to read more and subsequently click on your link and purchase your items. Therefore spending some time creating a good title is very important.

When writing an article, you should bear in mind a question or questions that you would like to solve for your reader. An example of this would be to consider how to aid someone who is experiencing pain in their feet, your article could lead them to the realization that more comfortable shoes is the answer.

The tone and language of your article is very important. One of the best ways is to write as though you are talking to the person who is reading the article. When they get the feeling that you are talking to only them, they are more inclined to listen. Make sure to add some emotion, sounding like a robot will not get you the response that you are looking for. People love to imagine that there is another human at the other side of the computer screen talking to them. It is your job to make them feel that way.

If you begin to write your article and you are not very sure what you should put in it, or even if you lack the knowledge of the items or material that you want to cover, remember, you can always research it. The more information you have and the better you know it, the better you will be able to get it across to your potential customers in a knowledgeable fashion.

Article writing is a very nifty tool that you can use to gain and keep customers. The key to it is providing great content which customers enjoy and trust, this will make them feel comfortable when buying your products.